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Mental health and HIV/AIDS are closely interlinked. Mental disorders, including substance-use disorders, are associated with increased risk of HIV infection and affect adherence to and efficacy of antiretroviral treatments. Conversely, HIV infection can increase risk for neuropsychiatric complications including stress, mood, and neurocognitive disorders. This book provides clinicians with a comprehensive evidenced-based and practical approach to the management of patients with HIV infection and co-morbid mental disorders. It provides up-to-date and clear overviews of current clinical issues, as well as the relevant basic science. Information and data from studies of different HIV groups (eg men who have sex with men) make the text relevant to a broad spectrum of clinicians, including those working with low socioeconomic status groups in high income countries and those working in the developing world. The book uses the popular format of the World Psychiatric Association’s Evidence and Experience series. Review chapters summarize the evidence on the epidemiology, pathogenesis and clinical aspects of mental disorders in HIV,and interventions (both psychotherapy and psychopharmacology including drug-drug interactions). These are complemented by commentaries addressing particular facets of each topic and providing insight gained from clinical experience. Psychiatrists, psychologists and all mental health staff working with HIV-infected patients will find this book of great benefit.

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