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Are you considering trying the Atkins Diet?Are you worried that mealtimes will be a problem?Could you use a book that will answer your prayers?Dieting is a challenge and never more so than today, with endless fast food opportunities to help you fall off the wagon. Add to that the constraints on your time and it all adds up to a difficult task.However, with Atkins Diet Slow Cooker Cookbook: Quick, Easy and Delicious Atkins Diet Recipes Made for Your Crock Pot Slow Cooker, you have a book which will help you every step of the way and provides recipes that include: Mexican breakfast casserole Sunny pork stew Asiago bisque Beef Madras curry Spicy Swiss steak Peking ribs Haddock in tomato basil sauce And much more…But it isn’t just a mouthwatering selection of recipes that are inside. You will also get in-depth information about things like the challenges you’ll face, how to meet and defeat them, what to eat and what to avoid, using your slow cooker to best effect and more.the Atkins Diet can certainly help you to shed those unwanted pounds and the Atkins Diet Slow Cooker Cookbook is the book that will make it happen.

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