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Take advantage of the growing trend in functional programming. C# is the number-one language used by .NET developers and one of the most popular programming languages in the world. It has many built-in functional programming features, but most are complex and little understood. With the shift to functional programming increasing at a rapid pace, you need to know how to leverage your existing skills to take advantage of this trend. Functional Programming in C# leads you along a path that begins with the historic value of functional ideas. Inside, C# MVP and functional programming expert Oliver Sturm explains the details of relevant language features in C# and describes theory and practice of using functional techniques in C#, including currying, partial application, composition, memoization, and monads. Next, he provides practical and versatile examples, which combine approaches to solve problems in several different areas, including complex scenarios like concurrency and high-performance calculation frameworks as well as simpler use cases like Web Services and business logic implementation. Shows how C# developers can leverage their existing skills to take advantage of functional programming Uses very little math theory and instead focuses on providing solutions to real development problems with functional programming methods, unlike traditional functional programming titles Includes examples ranging from simple cases to more complex scenarios Let Functional Programming in C# show you how to get in front of the shift toward functional programming.

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